Banner Making Terms

Written by Lila
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 23:21
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I've started a Fanfic banner making hobby. Check out my work on Photobucket. In November 2010 I was nominated for an artist award at "The Fandom People" awards for a manip banner I did for Honeymoon Suite (a wonderfuly written piece which is seriously under reviewed). Thank you for the nom!

If you would like me to make a banner for your story, please read the terms before you message me.

1. I do this for fun and can not be pressed for a deadline as I actually have a life.

2. I do this for MY OWN enjoyment. I work by my own inspiration. Prompts from an author are welcome
and can help with direction, but they MIGHT BE IGNORED. When I read I am often inspired to search
for certain graphics. Once I'm onto something... that's what I go for.

3. Send a link to the story or if it's not posted yet message me and we'll figure out a way to get it to me.
I can't make a banner without something to read.

4. Tell me the size and shape you want the graphic. If you're not sure then tell me what you'll use it for.
I can help you decide the size if I know it's purpose.

5. If you want movement in your banner (i.e. blinky or animation) or if you prefer a static image, by all
means say so. I can't promise animation (some stories lend themselves to simple animation more
than others), but I can at least make something flash to catch the eye.

6. Tell me your preference on seeing movie characters in the banner. Some love them and some don't.

7. A small watermark graphic with my logo will be included on each banner. No exceptions.

I think that's it on banners. I don't want to sound too strict, but I do want you to be prepared.