Why I love Target

Written by Lila
Wednesday, 10 December 2008 10:02
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Why do I love Target? Function and Design.

I've always felt that Wal-Mart's stores feel cramped, there is a feeling of panic in the stores, there is no one there to help you find anything and there are always only two lines open even with 20 empty checkout stands. Then one day I read the "10 reasons Target is Better Than Wal-Mart" and realized that I agreed whole-heartedly and obviously I was not alone in my "feelings".  Besides, there is another reason I love Target. Design. The stuff at Target is just nice. Even the stuff they haven't contracted out by big name designers is just nice!

For example, just since Friday I've been complimented twice on things I've been wearing that I bought at Target. Friday night was my husband's office party. He's an architect, and we all know that some architects are just obsessed with "design". One of these architects walked up to me and said what a nice necklace I was wearing. He mentioned how it looked like some "fill-in-the-blank" designer that he had recently seen at an art gallery. I said, "Thank you, I got it at Target." [Side note: I've worked at architectural offices for years and getting comments, even by straight men, on what you're wearing or how your hair is styled, is quite common.]

Today, I was on my morning walk. I was wearing a pair of polyester track-style pants I bought at Target. They're dark purple with two white stripes down the side of each leg. A man riding a racing style bike in full race gear rode past in the opposite direction from across the street. He yelled, "Nice pants," I didn't know what to say and since he was racing full speed in the opposite direction I said nothing. He continued, "No really, Adidas has the nicest pants." I yelled, "Thank you!" What was I supposed to do, chase him down and correct him? He was at least a block behind me by the time his second sentance was spoken.

So, in the end, I don't care if I can save 5c on batteries at Wal-Mart. I'll take Target every day of the week!


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